Ashley & Todd

Hoping to Adopt (Texas)


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Chris Cox

Ashley's Maternal Aunt

Ashley and Todd are beautiful inside and out. I know you would be proud to have them as your parents, aunt or uncle, cousin, or friend. They both are so delightful and fun to be around. Game day is always a surprise.

Chris Cox Endorsed Outdoorsy, Sense of Humor, Family-oriented, Kind, Honest, Caring, Athletic, Friendly

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Olivia Thomas

Ashley's sister

Since we were young Ashley has always been great at organizing and coming up with creative ways to make the mundane things to something fun and memorable. Todd and Ashley have always been great with children. My kids always look forward to seeing them and their favorite cousin Lillian. Ashley comes from a large family and understands the unique comaraderie that develops with siblings growing up. They have so much more love to give another child and Lillian has been asking for a brother or sister since she was a toddler. She yearns for that friendship and partner-in-crime from a sibling. Todd has always been a fun, loving, active and involved father and uncle. He is always up for doing something fun outside or playing a board game. Lillian is smart, compassionate, funny and truly cares about others. She always makes sure everyone is included. Please consider this family to love and raise your precious gift. They will grow up with a loving family who will always make sure they know how much they are loved and help them become the best versions of themselves. Your precious child will grow up with cousins close in age and develop fantastic friendships with them.

Olivia Thomas Endorsed Friendly, Athletic, Caring, Honest, Kind, Family-oriented, Sense of Humor, Outdoorsy

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