6 Facts About Orlando Adoption

Orlando is known for many different things. It is most famous for Disney World, Universal Studios, and sunny beaches and resorts. There are also hundreds of waiting children in need of their forever family in the foster care system eligible for Orlando Adoption, children who are waiting to be adopted internationally to families living in Orlando, Florida and expectant parents deciding to create a plan for Orlando adoption for their baby. If you are hoping to adopt in Orlando or place a baby for adoption in Orlando you have come to the right place. It is a big decision that you will need to educate yourself regarding the process, Orlando adoption regulations, cost, and timeline. 

Orlando Adoption Agencies

If you are hoping to build your family through Orlando adoption or are deciding to make an Orlando adoption plan for your baby, this article will help you understand the process and details regarding Orlando adoption. You may have a lot of questions at this point in the process and that is a good thing. Writing down your questions will help you remember the answers you need and articles like this one and others on Adoption.com or Adoption.org can answer even more of your inquiries.

Building your family through an Orlando adoption or placing your baby for adoption in Florida It’s normal to feel confused or overwhelmed by the adoption process – there is a lot of information to take in and understand and a lot of emotions during this time. All of this is normal. This is one of the biggest decisions you will make in your life. Choosing Orlando adoption is a beautiful option for you and your family and getting the information you need to make your next step is important.

This article and guide on Orlando adoption will help you understand each step and the abundance of information and resources available to you. A great place to start is finding an adoption agency to help you finalize your Orlando adoption. A great adoption agency will help, support, educate, and assist every member of the adoption triad which is comprised of the adoptive parents, the child who is placed for adoption, and the birth parents. A great adoption agency will help complete the adoption process with the highest ethics, answering all of your questions without any pressure on the expectant parents or adoptive parents, and help the adoption get finalized legally in your state. Adoption service providers are licensed to work in the state in which you reside and understand the specific regulations and adoption laws around finalizing an Orlando adoption. Adoption service providers work with the prospective adoptive parents on every step and will work with expectant mothers on each step of creating their adoption plan for Orlando adoption. 

Great adoption agencies, like Gladney Center for Adoption, will work with birth mothers in Orlando to get the resources she needs to help her make the best decisions for her and her baby. They will help the expectant parents decide if adoption is best for them. They will work with the expectant mother to understand what level of communication and openness she would like to have with the adoptive parents and her child. They will help the birth mother choose an adoptive family for her baby, as many agencies also work with prospective adoptive parents who are hoping to build their family through adoption. Adoption agencies like Gladney have profiles on hundreds of individuals, couples, and families who would like to build each of their families through adoption.

 They can help the expectant mother also understand what expenses can be paid for during her pregnancy and birth by the prospective adoptive family, ensure she receives counseling services during and after her pregnancy, and get help with any resources or information she needs through her adoption journey. Orlando adoption allows expectant mothers to receive her expenses of the adoption paid for by the hopeful adoptive parents. These expenses can be paid for by the adoptive parents during the pregnancy and up to six weeks after the delivery of the baby. In Orlando, this can only be done if the expectant mother is unemployed, under-employed or has a disability. The adoption agency can help the hopeful adoptive parents and birth mother understand what expenses can be paid for during the adoption process. 

Types of Orlando Adoptions

The type of adoption described above between a birth mother or expectant parents and the hopeful adoptive parents is a private domestic infant Orlando adoption. There are two other types of adoption in Orlando. Those are international adoptions and foster care adoption

Orlando Adoption from Foster Care 

Hopeful adoptive parents who are interested in Orlando adoption from foster care will need to understand the specific process of Orlando adoption from foster care which is the same across the state of Florida. Hopeful adoptive parents who would like to adopt from foster care in Orlando will be working with many different people in the child or children’s lives. These individuals will include potentially a CASA worker, the child’s social worker, their teachers, and therapists to ensure the child is eligible for adoption after everything has been done to try to reunite the child with their biological parents or next of kin. If that is not possible the parental rights have been terminated by the court, the child will be eligible for adoption. If you are interested in Orlando adoption from the Florida foster care system, hopeful adoptive parents may begin the process by viewing photolistings of available children. Many of the children eligible for Orlando adoption in Florida are older or in sibling groups who are in desperate need of a forever family. It is important to understand that the Orlando adoption process differs in adopting from the foster care system versus internationally versus private domestic adoption. 

Orlando Adoption through International Adoption

Orlando adoption will be substantively different for intercountry adoption over foster care adoption or private domestic adoption. These differences will be found in the restrictions, approval process, costs, and various other factors that go into adopting a child through international adoption to bring home to Orlando. You will need to meet the requirements for Orlando adoption in Florida in regards to your home study process, which will include background checks, fingerprinting with the FBI, and other recommendations, interviews, and medical reports. However you will also need to meet other requirements dependent upon the country from which you adopt your child. Your adoption agency will help you with this process and to better understand each step. Having a conversation now about your eligibility to adopt from the country of your choice is important. You also must make sure that the agency with whom you would like to use to finalize your adoption can work in that respective country. Understanding which countries are open to Orlando adoption or are closed to intercountry adoptions is important and this information is often in flux. The Department of State’s Office of Children’s Issues will post regular updates on the status of adoption per country. You can find this helpful information on the United States State Department travel site.

As a prospective adoptive parent, you may have seen that some countries are party to the Adoption Hague Convention, of which the United States is also a party. Hague Convention adoptions between two countries party to this convention have different requirements than other countries. These requirements make it possible for you to complete your intercountry adoption and bring your child home to Orlando.

Who Is Eligible to Adopt in Florida?

Now that you understand the various types of Orlando adoptions, it is important to understand who can complete an Orlando adoption in Florida. The eligibility requirements, as you read above are different per the type of adoption; however, in Orlando adoption, the state of Florida needs to ensure that the child is adopted into a safe, loving family. The requirements are the same across the state of Florida but will differ from other states. Orlando adoption laws let both single adults or married couples complete an Orlando adoption of a child. On top of these state requirements, adoption agencies may also have their own restrictions on who can or cannot adopt through their agency. These requirements could include age – both ensuring that an adoptive parent is of a certain age, but not over a certain age. Some agencies have faith-based requirements. In 2010, the state of Florida allowed LGBT hopeful adoptive parents to adopt whereas before then it was illegal. Most agencies will have their own requirements on age (minimum and maximum). Before 2010, gay, lesbian, and bisexual prospective adoptive parents were unable to adopt, but that law as since been overturned. 


The adoption agency will help you understand the specific requirements for being approved by their agency for adoption, approved through the Orlando adoption home study, and if adopting internationally, the requirements of the specific country from which you hope to adopt. 


An Orlando home study must be completed by an adoption agency licensed in the state of Florida. The home study will include background checks, fingerprinting, interviews, and recommendations. In Orlando, every person over the age of 12 will need to have a background check completed on them Once again your agency can help you understand the home study process for Orlando adoption. It can be a long process and a lot of paperwork, but it ensures the hopeful adoptive parents are ready, prepared, and safe to adopt a child. 

Finalizing Your Orlando Adoption

After the birth of the child, there are final steps to complete in order to finalize your Orlando adoption through private infant adoption in Florida. In Orlando, the birth mother may not sign the adoption consent or relinquishment paperwork until her child is at least 48 hours old. She can sign anytime after those first two days, but legally can not before that time. The birth father can sign the paperwork relinquishing his parental rights at any time during the pregnancy or after birth. As a birth mother, there is no pressure to sign the paperwork at any time or at all. You can change your mind at any time. You also can decide for you and your baby regarding how much time you want to bond with your child before they meet their adoptive family. You also get to decide on the birth you would like to have and who will be in the birthing room with you. You may only want a short amount of time with your baby, none at all or would like those days to be just you and your child before you place him or her for adoption. It is important to know that once the Orlando adoption consent paperwork is signed it is irrevocable. 


After the baby child is placed with their adoptive parents after the adoption consent paperwork is signed, an Orlando social worker (if the adoptive parents live in Orlando or Florida) potentially even the same one who completed the adoption home study, will visit with the baby and adoptive family for at least three times by Florida state law before the actually Orlando adoption is finalized. In Orlando, the adoption process is usually finalized after six months.


Hopefully, all of this information on Orlando adoptions is helpful and supportive of your adoption journey. Whether you are an expectant parent or a hopeful adoptive parent, understanding the process, your options, and the uniqueness of Orlando adoption is helpful as you make the most important decision you may ever make. Adoption is a lifelong journey and you are taking just the first step. Educating yourself, making lists of the questions you need answers to, and finding a good support system is critical during this time. Adoption.com forums are a great place to find a network of people who have gone through the process of adoption – whether they are birth parents or adoptive parents. Finding a community online and in real life will be integral to this adoption journey.


If you would like to speak confidentially with an adoption professional about your pregnancy options, click here.