5 Great Topics About Tampa Adoption

Tampa, Florida is known as a major center for businesses, for its variety of different cultural experiences, for its great tasting food, and for its nice sandy beaches. Tampa is Florida’s third-largest city and has a population of over 380,000 people. If you reside in Tampa, Florida, and are either looking to place your child for adoption, or adopt a child in Florida, this article will list 5 great topics about Tampa, Florida, and talk about Tampa adoption. 

1. There’s a Great Adoption Agency That’s Only 21 Minutes Outside of Tampa, Florida

The Gladney Center for Adoption is an amazing adoption agency that’s located just 12.9 miles outside of Tampa, Florida. Gladney’s mission is to “give children loving and caring families here at home and around the world.” Gladney’s vision is “dedicated to creating the finest adoption experience possible while forging new paths in serving the mission of adoption.” With a history and timeline that’s nothing in comparison to other agencies, Gladney is an adoption leader of the past, the present, and the future. The agency helps both birth mothers (expectant mothers and mothers who are already parenting) and adoptive families in many ways. 

For Expectant Parents

The services included for expectant parents include:

  • Counseling services 
  • Working with an options counselor to create an adoption plan
  • Free legal assistance 
  • Free medical care during pregnancy 
  • Help with living expenses
  • Career counseling, life skills coaching, and education opportunities
  • Learning about your options (whether you’d like to try to parent, or place your baby for adoption).

If You’re Already Parenting

If you’re already parenting your baby or older child, and you’re feeling like parenting isn’t for you, it’s not too late to talk about your options. One of the great services provided is the Rest and Respite Program. This program is for parents who are feeling extremely exhausted from parenting; the program gives parents time to think if parenting is right for them. Also, you’ll be able to participate in the Gladney Next Steps Program. This program can provide educational and career opportunities to make a better future and may help you become successful in your life. There are other services that include counseling, making an adoption plan, and even help with living expenses.

If You’re Wanting to Adopt 

If you’re wanting to adopt, you can see which adoption is right for you. 

Domestic infant adoption– In general, you should be open to the different characteristics of the children that are available to adopt, and in addition for couples, they must have been married for two years, live in the United States, and one parent must be a legal U.S. citizen.

When going through domestic infant adoption, you’ll get to be flexible in the adoption process, you should receive help with making a family profile, guidance from qualified staff, having access to a team of respected and experienced legal staff, become a part of a parent support group, and parent education opportunities.

International adoption– With international adoption, you’ll have the opportunity to welcome a child that lives outside of the United States into your home. You can adopt a child from China, Colombia, or Taiwan, just to name a few. The benefits of adopting a child internationally can allow you to adopt with a closed adoption system, provide humanitarian aid, choose to adopt later on in life, choose the gender and/or age of the child, and choose a culture or country. One option is to adopt from a Hague Convention country.

Foster adoptions– Gladney also helps prospective adoptive parents adopt a child that is in the Texas foster care system and may be more than ready to be adopted with the New Beginnings Program. Usually, the children are over the age of seven and have been removed from the home due to abuse and neglect. You should be open to adopting sibling groups with children ages five and older, children of different races, and children with special needs. 

The program includes guidance from the staff members, respected and knowledgeable legal staff, parent training and education, post-placement services, and membership with a parent support group. 

There are even educational opportunities with programs like AdoptED and Gladney University, which can provide innovative educational courses about adoption and knowledge about the healthy outcomes of the children. 

If you’d like to start your adoption journey with Gladney’s Florida Adoption Office, you can find them located at:

1210 Millennium Parkway Suite 1036

Brandon, FL 33511

You can also call at (813)-685-9137. or contact Gladney through their website

2. Children Aren’t the Only Ones to Be Getting Adopted in Tampa

This might be completely random, but a fun fact about Tampa adoption is you can adopt various things besides children or even pets. Some of the more common programs include:

Adopt a Road- A one mile stretch at a minimum. 

Adopt a Park- Both city and county parks are available. Beautification and litter removal projects are included. 

Adopt a Shoreline- Piers of the waterway and a stretch of shoreline that are accessible.

Adopt a Monofilament Tube- You can adopt these at fishing piers and boat ramps. 

Adopt a Watergoat- Removes litter and debris that water collects in storm drains on neighborhood streets. 

For more information visit keeptampabaybeautiful.org.

3. There are So Many Things to Do With Your Adopted Family in Tampa, Florida

With so many different family-friendly attractions in Tampa, Florida, there can be a lot of fun bonding activities to do with your adopted family members. You can also meet birth parents at these attractions for the adoption visits too! Here are some great fun family attractions to try out in Tampa, Florida:

  • Busch Gardens: Busch Gardens is an African-themed amusement park and zoo with over 12,000 animals! 
  • Florida Aquarium: The Florida Aquarium has something for all ages. With a variety of different animal habitats and exhibits, there are also hands-on learning activities. 
  • Adventure Island: Adventure Island is a 30-acre outdoor water theme park full of water rides, dining areas, and other attractions. Adventure Island is right across the street from Busch Gardens, and both are a part of SeaWorld Entertainment. 
  • Museum of Science and Industry: With hands-on exhibits, dinosaur displays, and even a butterfly garden, the Museum of Science and Industry has something for all ages. 
  • Glazer Children’s Museum: At the Glazer Children’s Museum, there are 170 fun hands-on activities for children under the age of 12. 
  • And those are just a few of many fun activities to do with your family in Tampa, Florida. 

4. Parents That Are Looking to Place Their Child for Adoption Can Create a Tampa Adoption Plan

Placing your baby for adoption in Tampa, Florida is great because you can also find prospective adoptive families looking to adopt a baby in Florida. You should also start an adoption plan in Tampa. What should be included in an adoption plan? 

  • Your wishes and requests about the whole adoption process.
  • What type of adoptive family would you want your child to be placed with? For example, do you want to choose a family that has children already? Adoptive parents that are married, divorced, single, LGBTQ, or no preference? Do you want a family who is educated? Has a flexible career? Do you want a family that lives in a great neighborhood in Tampa? How about holiday traditions? Do you want a family that is religious? Do you want a family that has an active lifestyle, or a more chilled out lifestyle? You can start by looking at some great adoptive parent profiles.
  • Do you want an open, semi-open, or closed adoption? 
  • Think about your future goals. What are you wanting to accomplish in life after your child is placed for adoption? 
  • What about meeting the adoptive family? Are you open to meeting them and asking questions? You or the adoption professional can discuss the meeting places in Tampa, and if you’re stuck about the type of questions to ask, check out this Adoption.org article about the questions to ask hopeful adoptive parents
  • Think about the birth plan. For example, are you wanting to deliver your baby to the hospital or have a home birth? Do you want the adoptive parents to be in the room with you as you give birth? Do you want to hold the baby first? Do you want to spend a little time with the baby before giving them to the adoptive parents? Do you want to take photos with the baby? Do you want anyone by your side for support?
  • Talk about life after adoption. Do you still want to receive counseling, and go to birth parent support groups? Do you wish to always keep in contact with the adoptive family? Would you want to form a bond with your child after the adoption? Do you have any new goals or dreams that you want to work towards? 

Whatever adoption plan you choose, make sure that your wishes and requests are honored and respected. After all, it’s your plan and you want to make it the best plan for your child so that they have the opportunity to be placed in a loving adoptive family. If you still want to learn more about an adoption plan, read this Adoption.org article about how to make an adoption plan for your child

5. Adoptive Parents Can Meet With Birth Parent in Tampa, Florida

Meeting the birth parents before the adoption can be beneficial for both you and the birth parents because the birth parents can get to know who you are, as well as you getting to know them and seeing what their adoption plans are.

You or the adoption professional you’re working with can set up a meeting place in Tampa to meet the birth parents. You can decide to meet at the several great restaurants in Tampa, or meet at some of the nice scenic parks. Wherever you decide to meet, think about what you’d like to ask the birth parents. If you need some ideas, look at this article about adoption questions to ask a potential birth mother.

When meeting the birth parents, be friendly and cordial, and be respectful to how they feel. If you’re worried about the birth parents not liking you, don’t fret! The majority of adoptive parents say that meeting the birth parents has been a positive experience for them. Some birth parents might have mixed feelings about meeting you, and that’s okay. Try to see it from their point of view. After all, they’re meeting you for the first time. You can talk about your life and how your life will be once their child is adopted with you. Talk about their feelings about the adoption, and assure them that they’ll be placing their child in good and loving hands. Ask them questions like: 

  • How are you feeling?
  • What made you choose our profile?
  • What kind of life do you see your baby having with us?
  • Would you like to see your child after the adoption?
  • Would you like lots of updates on your child?
  • Is there any way we can show you support?
  • What are your life goals?

Those are just a few of many questions to think about asking the birth parents. If you’re trying to think of some more questions to ask birth parents, read this Adoption.com article about adoption questions to ask a potential birth mother.

As you’re getting to know and grow closer to the birth parents even after adoption, it’s crucial that you have a healthy relationship with them. Meaning that you shouldn’t bash the birth parents and think that you’re superior to them because you’re raising the child they gave birth to. Let them be comfortable bonding with your adopted child, and remember that you’re still your child’s parents. For more information, read this Adoption.com article about adoptive parents’ relationships with birth parents.

Whether you’re looking into adopting a child in Tampa Florida, or looking to place your child for adoption, my wish for you is that this article helps you along your adoption journey. For more information about Tampa Adoption, read these amazing Adoption.com articles, adoption in Florida, Florida adoption guide, and Florida adoption laws.